Q. You’ve spoken of your experiences. Is The Bridge a religious thing?

A. Absolutely not! I simply provided some insight into how I came into this work in the first place. Religions fail
when they create division and separation. The Bridge is a secular, systematic practice to bring people together and experience peace, love, joy and unity which is the real point of any religion in the first place.

Q. What’s the technique?

A. Just 3 questions. “Tell me something you like about me”, “Tell me something you think we agree on” and “Tell me something…” and your partner gets 5 minutes to respond. Swap over and keep at that for 40 minutes. I include an mp3 timer to keep the session to schedule.

Q. That seems just too simple!

A. Yep, it’s simple alright and that’s the point. With the simplicity comes depth. Depth of communication, depth of expression, depth of introspection and depth of connection.

Q. Do I have to study or remember anything?

A. No. I provide a printable cheat sheet with the questions on it. All you have to remember is to not finger-point and blame when talking and not butt-in when your partner is talking!

Q. Can I use this to change my partner?

A. We use this to change ourselves. Maybe your partner changes, maybe they don’t. Let’s get real, when was the last time you pushed your partner into long lasting positive change? The big changes come when the lights come on from the inside – from our own insight – not from being fed information. I can’t tell you when your lights will come on and I can’t tell you when if and when your partners lights will come on. Stick with the technique though and with your intent and earnestness it will happen. I promise. If I am sure of anything I’m sure of this.

Q. So my internal state is my responsibility and I can’t blame my partner? It’s all up to me. That sucks!

A. Initially it does! Somebody said “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” and that’s true. Jesus said “…look with-in”. The Buddha said something like “In all life there is suffering” but he also went onto say “All suffering can be ended”. Taking responsibility for our own happiness is the first step to liberation. It’s a fact.

Q. How long before I see results?

A. Give it 3 or 4 sessions.

Q. I’ve downloaded The Bridge and whilst it’s simple enough, we just can’t get our backsides into gear to sit down and do it OR we do it but break the rules and start blaming or butting-in. What to do?

A. You’ve come so close! Don’t give up, this would be a huge failure. Your best option at this stage is to get somebody to facilitate the session. It will commit you to a session and the mere presence of a facilitator will vastly improve adherence to the rules and the results of the session will speak for themselves.

Q. You say it’s revolutionary – is it unconventional?

A. No. What we’ve essentially done is distilled the highest ideals and practices of contemporary marriage counseling and presented it in a easy-to-use format. It’s revolutionary in that YOU now have control over your situation with a powerful and super-simple technique.

Q. Do I need to read your book ‘Unlock the Youniverse’ to use ‘The Bridge’.

A. Absolutely not. The Bridge is a stand alone technique. Everything you need is already included in The Bridge document.

Q. I’ve downloaded it and don’t like it. We won’t do it.

A. No stress! Just contact me for a full refund.