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Hi guys, my name is Robert and I’m the creator of Fast Marriage Help. I want to give you some background on who I am and how I came to create the Fast Marriage Help website. Apologies in advance as I may have overindulged in the photo gallery at the bottom but I couldn’t help myself!

“My wife and I have had some VERY low moments in our marriage…”

About me:

“Jesus came to me and that expression, that look on His face, in that moment, told me that He accepted and loved me just the way I was and that love He had for me was what I should have for myself and everybody else. It is the most profound moment of my life”.

Yep, it was a turning point alright – and it was just the start!Fast Marriage Help - image of Robert Baohm

I was on a spiritual retreat (secular) and had no idea what I was in for. In those few short seconds and over the years that followed my life had changed and I was indelibly left with the knowledge that there was no higher calling in life than to reduce the suffering of others.

Even though that experience had an obvious Christian ‘flavor’, I’ve had knowledge come to me that resonated with, and is reflected in many of the teachings of the various theistic and non-theistic religions and so I regard myself as spiritual as opposed to a label of ‘Religious’.

In truth I can’t be categorized anywhere! The highest calling is to end suffering yet I experience depression from time to time. I know material gain doesn’t bring happiness but I have a house full of stuff. I know love, acceptance and non-judgement is the highest way yet I don’t readily engage with people socially. I know that our internal, spiritual, emotional – felt – world is ultimately important but I’m also highly pragmatic in the world of form, possibly (probably!) to a fault.

Before starting Fast Marriage Help I ran a business as a contract Fitter/Machinist – repairing pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems on industrial machinery and mine sites. Customers expect results and I do, too.

I fix our cars, do our house maintenance, use some cuss words, enjoy the odd drink, occasionally get to a rock concert, along with fishing, gardening, camping, travelling and playing Touch Football.  Then go I’ll go out and do crazy stuff like ‘Free Hugs’ at a shopping mall or write books like ‘Unlock The Youniverse’ and hold group emotional clearing sessions. So, yeah, it’s hard to peg me down but all in all I take myself to be pretty normal.

Fast Marriage Help - Image of Robert doing Free Hugs in mall

Now, back to the ending of suffering and how that applies to you with your relationship and my offering here at Fast Marriage Help.

Despite my mystical experiences and knowledge gained I’m not immune from the difficulties most experience in life and that includes relationships. Yes, my wife and I have struggled (and sometimes still do) and on a few occasions we have gotten to some VERY low points. We had done other marriage counseling to no avail (before my spiritual ‘awakening’) and frankly I personally had found it a bit shallow, condescending and that we were just ‘going through the motions’. My wife wasn’t interested in doing any of the things suggested. As you can see, when it comes to marriage help, I’m not much of a fan of standard marriage counselling. I found this Huffington Post article which shares some of my views (although maybe a bit harsh?!) and in the interest of balance and to show I’m not a ‘counselor basher’ here’s another Huff Post article which is essentially pro counseling.

Now, my big ‘A-Ha’ moments weren’t an instant cure for any relationship woes. In fact if anything there was now a widening gap between my wife and I with me trying to ‘be in and not of the world’ and my wife resolutely remaining of it! What a mistake I was making! Trying to change another to walk my path! Yes, I still make mistakes, good ones, too.

What I had acquired though was an appreciation for an amazing communication technique that I had learnt on my retreats. Reporting (OK, maybe venting) my marital frustration to a fellow spiritualist who was more experienced than I was, he suggested that we try the relationship version of that same technique used on retreat. Very, very thankfully my wife and I were taught and we applied the technique that I now call ‘The Bridge’. Fast Marriage Help - Robert with baby at beach

The Bridge was exactly the sort of marriage help we needed. If it wasn’t for The Bridge we would have divorced.

Are we the image of a couple running down the beach into the sunset? No! We still have the pressures of ordinary life with children and mortgage and bills to pay and differing wants. But we also have the rock solid certainty of knowing that when things get out of whack and we can’t relate anymore that we have marriage help that is The Bridge that brings us back together.

Now I want to share that with you here at Fast Marriage Help.

If you haven’t seen the rest of the Fast Marriage Help site yet it’s best to start here. The Q and A page should also help.

In case you’ve still got some ideas that I’m off with the pixies on some spiritual trip, I hope these photos will show you that I am grounded, pragmatic and realistic. These are some images of gardening success (finally!), beach camping, crabbing, my wife and children, my brother and his plane (my brother and plane only gets a showing due to the good photos of my kids 🙂

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